Marvis Mint Toothpaste Review

Marvis Jasmine Mint toothpaste is making the act of brushing teeth 1,000 times a day a little bit less exhausting.

Written By: Rachel Wilkerson Miller – BuzzFeed Staff


Earlier this year, I got an Invisalign. Unbeknownst to me, when you have an Invisalign, you have to brush your teeth after every meal, snack, or non-water drink. Every single one! Do you know how annoying that is? I find the idea of brushing my teeth twice a day rather affronting — like, I have shit to do!!!! — so having to brush five times a day at minimum (and having to do it at work and in Amtrak train bathrooms) was pretty brutal.

I first bought it after seeing it in a BuzzFeed post with readers’ product recommendations. I had used and liked Marvis toothpaste in the past (the Classic Strong Mint is 💯), and, well… I was basically sold on the pretty flavor name and packaging, if we’re being honest. The week I ordered it was not a terribly good one, and it was very clear when I looked at everything I purchased in that particular Amazon order that I was sad-shopping for lovely little things that would make me feel better. And even though money can’t exactly buy happiness, I’m glad to report that this toothpaste does actually bring me a little bit of joy every time I use it!

The packaging is truly beautiful: Something about the purple and silver just feels special — like I’m staying in a fancy hotel or something (“That toothpaste is prettier than me.” —my coworker Sarah). But it actually took me a couple days to get used to the taste and smell, as it’s a pretty far departure from what I’m used to. The fragrance is really distinct (not strong, just…distinct), but the floral flavor is actually very light and mild. (If you’ve ever had, say, a lavender latte or a cupcake with rose frosting, it’s a very similar experience.) Within a day or so, I was totally hooked, and I ended up buying a second tube to keep in my desk for my at-work teeth-brushing endeavors.  I’ve also heard great things about the Marvis Ginger Mint flavor, though I haven’t tried it yet. You can get this great product at Townhouse Beauty Bar.